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I'm an actress and I Produce, Direct and Write. I like long walks on the beach... oh wait, wrong site.  *new talent
I graduated from law school. 8 days later I announced to Family, King and Country that I knew what I wanted to do with my life. "I want to Act!" Yeah... it still makes sense to me. Yay! 
It took a bit longer to implement but here I am, creating my own content and generally making fun of myself.
Check out my shenanigans on YouTube.



Janice McDuffy Actress, new talent

*if you're looking for new talent, new acting talent, check out janice mcduffy actress

Current News: June1-4, 2017
*The short film I Directed and Co-Produced, The Wrong Jawn, completed and making the festival circuit. Yay!
*I'm editing the webseries, Friends With Benefits. I wrote, co-directed and star in it.
*Still still still writing my Political Thriller webseries. Rising to the challenge.
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