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I have to write, produce, direct my content.  

                                                       .........Its in mi sangre.


Anchor Baby,
A satire. I wrote, produced, and edited.



Director Reel

A short compilation of my video and film work.


              Go on... give it a whirl.


Actor Reels
I write, produce, direct and edit actor reels.
Make Your Reel on Youtube
Photos I took. I'm for hire by the way...
Oooh look! Videos.
.........One Planet truth:
We are all the people of this One planet.
The details of our lives may differ but we all hurt, we all love and we are not alone in that.
Online Dating

My Video Blog.


Love Me Now
I wrote, produced, directed and edited.



SKYWARD ColLaboratory, my production company, creates visual media that reflects the One Planet truth, seeds hope, inspires change...while laughing along the way.  
Tongue Twister Victory

My Video Blog.


When Making Plans With Friends Goes Wrong.

My Video Blog.


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