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Janice McDuffy

Stats: 5’6 3/4”

Degree: BA Penn State & Villanova Law School



Must Be The Music                   Supporting/Lawyer    Charles Dutton/GDG Films

Sucka For Love                           Supporting                    Patrick Pierre

Tango Macbeth                          Lennox                           Harmony Images


Love’s Labour’s Lost               Maria                                            Philadelphia Shakespeare Co/Aaron Cromie

Measure For Measure            Escalus/Marianna                     Collingswood Shakespeare Co. 

Spilt Milk: No Use Crying       Lead/Gift                                      Mandel Theater/Nicole Gay

Nursing Home                          Support/Sra. Goose                 Bonnell Theater

Shaking The Truth Loose      Lead/Tracey                                Adrienne Theater

One Night Stand                      Lead/Rainn                                 The Producers Club & Adrienne Theater

CBS Sports promo                    Fan                                  CBS Sports / Insomnia TV

Scrubbing Bubbles                   Young Mom                 Dafna Yachin-Lunchbox Communication/SC Johnson

N Network Promo                    Viewer                            Nickelodeon



Training & Workshops

Practical Aesthetics                     Robert Bella                     Private Training

Atlantic Acting School                Summer Intensive         Atlantic Theatre Company

Scene Study                                  Dennis Smeltzer             Triangle Theater

Film Acting I                                  Mike Lemon                     Mike Lemon Casting

Intro to Film Acting                    Dafna Yachin                    Mike Lemon Casting

Film Acting Workshop               Michael DiLauro             Wickline Casting

Advanced Improvisation          Sharon Geller                  Private Training

Intermediate Improvisation    Sharon Geller                  Private Training

Intro to Improvisation               Sharon Geller                  Walnut Street Theater

Intro to Acting                               John Lopes                      Walnut Street Theater 


US Passport,

PA Drivers License,

Dancing: Salsa-intermediate, Merengue-intermediate, Yoga-Beginner, Legal terminology


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